digigraphie-logoDeveloped by Epson, Digigraphie has revolutionised the art world, giving photographers and artists the ability to take advantage of digital technology to produce limited, certified editions of their artwork. Digigraphie also creates exiting opportunities for museums, galleries and collectors to offer a limited edition series of a unique work.

Digigraphie requires a combination of eleven-colour Epson Stylus Pro Printers, the highest quality fine art media and Epson UltraChrome HDR (High Dynamic Range) series professional inks. Based on natural mineral pigments and resin coated, these inks are lightfast in excess of 60 years ensuring durability for generations. Each print is authenticated, numbered, signed by the artist, embossed with our official Digigraphie cold press stamp and accompanied by a certificate. Artists also have the opportunity to register their work on the Digigraphie official website.

As a certified laboratory, Digiart.ie produces Digigraphie prints to the very highest standards. We are subject to stringent quality control reviews of our printed material, ensuring maximum quality and consistency.